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Vampire, fantasy or reality?

In 1725 AD. Vienna will receive a letter containing reports of mysterious deaths of several inhabitants of a village on the border of Bosnia, in the little interval between the mysterious figure had been killed.The man called Peter Plogojovic be named as a defendant, and the victim is murdered in his sleep. It's amazing that these events took place, it was dead and buried. 

At this time, Bosnia after the Ottoman conquest in 1718, is owned by Austria. Organized by the Austrian Army, the inspection team will be sent to Bosnia and clear up the killings. It is also associated with the task of preparing a report and send it to the Centre . The doctor's report on Plogojovic body is undoubtedly incredible "body, except for the slightly different shape of the nose is quite new. Nails have grown out and replace it with new nails. As the old skin that tends to white color has been replaced with new skin. Arms, legs and other body parts when life could not be better than now. Some blood in the corpse's mouth to collect the bodies of the victims might have sucked. "

About blood sucking vampires who have killed them, spread across Europe. Deaths reported to be similar in the years 1727.1731 and 1732. Gradually many scholars of the West about "biting and sucking the dead" are discussed. Word Vampire in a few short years into Western languages, and this is one of the most frightening awe from the grave into the dark world of public life is
Vampire, not a monster, not a ghost, but a living corpse, the dead come back regularly, coming out of their graves to kill. He is the life force of others to be able to other organisms, such as bats, wolves or animals change shape. Looks like he is dead, and the dead members remained intact, eyes staring, and thirst for blood, sharp canine teeth, mouth, mixed with blood, long nails. Is very sensitive to light and only comes out at night from their graves and go hunting. How can a human become a vampire?The stories Romania, severe thunderstorms, birth or birth can cause hair too much, or if when you bury your dead wrong or attacked by a vampire can envision, in all these cases, the body can be turned into a vampire. People outside of the form, the stakes are particularly high, thieves, criminals, prostitutes, those who die too soon or too late, and abnormalities in short form. Vampire die very hard, almost infinite capacity to survive. The only way to destroy them is to save the lost. To this end, the villagers get together (usually as a priest among them), and coffins dead out of the grave and bring back the bodies for signs of vampire, if his body is destroyed, re- Coffin and return it to its grave, otherwise it is a sharp stick its head into the heart and then the body was cut down and burned body was left on the grave of the ashes broadcast.
It is still the 18th century. Debate continues about vampires and apparently this is not easy! Even as an indication of this phenomenon is named for the supernatural life and talk about the issue of life after death, or even makes it hotter. In particular, the question arises whether after death, the body is empty of life or as long as there are still signs of life

Today, when the medical report in 1725, on corpses, "clean" entries, look, it can be said that information about the biology and the time decay of the body, is very low. Today we know that the dead body, it produces gases such as balloon and some seemingly healthy body even looks quite fresh. During the decay process, the fluid will accumulate in the body, breasts and sometimes they ooze out of the mouth or nose and mouth, the impression is created that the dead body of blood is collected can be heard in voices. In addition to this, the skin is pulled back a little because it seems that the nails have grown. Instead of being separated from their little nails pink fingernails and skin to create the impression that they grow in the new nails.
George Hall was first reported in 1756 (Georg Tallar) vampires there's a wrong interpretation of a disease caused by eating bad food and stated that he came to the disease and tabs spicy vampire Like a nightmare come to know the patients and the public is not the whole story vampires are nothing but a superstition, and thus the world's first true vampire superstition attached to the house. Much later, in 1984, Lionel Milgram American doctor tried to create a scientific way to explain this phenomenon. This year he wrote an article about the lack of oxygen and blood that he called the disease "G√ľnter," name, which makes extreme sensitivity to light, pyorrhea (which leads to straighter teeth) and red Teeth in the light, anemia (resulting in albinism) and produce much body hair.He even sensitive "vampire" in the course of an enzymatic process is thus explained the severity of the symptoms so that patients are allergic to garlic. The problem with this explanation is that it is very rare and only 200 cases had been identified and that to the number of dead that time can not village of Balkans true digit completely.Spaniard Juan Gomez Alonzo dermatologist about this explanation in 1982 that the phenomenon was attributed to rabies, the more it seems. A person who is suffering from rabies, hallucinations, nightmares, insomnia, and abnormal behavior.Painful bite scar on her body first and then gradually spread to the whole body and body pain suffered severe muscle cramps are His face would seem to be fearful because the patient can not swallow water in your mouth, the mouth floor and other liquid is collected. This can also explain why this vampire phenomenon to the length of this period is the appearance of a few decades, because rabies is a disease that sometimes occurs among people more and sometimes less. However, a complete explanation for the rise of scientific thought the vampire phenomenon among people there is no time

Long after the fact that the vampire world was ousted in 19th century literature and cinema in the universe was born again. In 1875, Bram Stoker's famous novel "Dracula" wrote The forgotten story of vampires was reminded again on West culture. Stoker's novel Dracula, the Count is very attractive and yet daunting. Name of the novel Dracula, derived from the name of a historical person named "Vlad Dracul" That was a Romanian prince by his father to enter the "Dragon," which was composed for the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire because the owner was named , Vlad Dracul means "little dragon" is. Moreover, "Drake" in Greek means evil. Vlad Dracul name as a ruthless commander in history has been recorded, according to his narrative of nearly 24,000 Ottoman Turks took to the wood. Today the castle in Transylvania Location is a tourist place that has many daily visits.
Vampire. Dracula. In literature he is not just a fantasy? Course. But this contains important questions with regard to nutrition, ..., death, power, immortality or God. Vampire is always "the other", and the title, emblem and separation boundaries are different. However, he is constantly in contact with a normal healthy population. A figure that is on the border, between the two world constantly fluctuates between life and death, this world and the world, between man and animal, between dream and waking, between the normal and the deviant, between normal and crazy . Even when these changes occur in the body and he is turned into a vampire at the border, night, dusk and dawn. Because of the close correlation of normal and abnormal vampire depicted as being constantly under question our beliefs and knowledge, and this raises the issue of where life is ending where life and the start range between these two points there, that blood is a life force, what role we play and how we can reproduce.
In the 19th century, the subject of vampires and Dracula, issues of sexuality is also on the time at which the doctor is not aware of them, issues like rape, sexual sadism (vampire tend to chew and suck and harassment placement) and sexual masochism (desire to hurt the hidden nose of his female victims), or nekrofelia(sexual interest in dead). One of the most obvious signs of vampire teeth into the neck of his victim's wives, and biting the neck of a sexual act.Dracula is not the only body of its sacrifices, but they also capture the spirit, he would like to enter a trance state (which is comparable to hypnosis), so that it is not their choice, willpower themselves to be paralyzed and their tendencies in the subconscious mind is bent to.The idea here is to exclude "non-conscious mind" also followed the man in the position of sadist and masochist women are the victims. What I will say is that the story Riser spirit of the time, can be a lot of requests, issues, problems and questions people have realized that time.If you're looking for films about Dracula,We see that the spirit of the times, in the cinema,Over the years there are changes in the nature of a good vampire show;
While the first film made ​​vampire without the slightest thought of as being totally evil and that it will be killed like an animal instinct takes over, is shown in more recent films, such as movie "Dracula", he all have their own characteristics, is in love with the love again "young" and even by a lover to his mission, and in the movie "interview with a Vampire", vampire possesses inner world is much more complex and philosophical questions in advance to kill, are divided into categories of good and bad, have some human feelings, unlike its natural instinct will not be killed, only, and are not happy of his immortality.
 The little vampire girl that can never be feminine body to death and yet death will not be disappointed. (Now the talk of the movie Interview with a Vampire, this time to say that this film is based on Anne Rice's novel is built, it is said at the beginning of their romance set against the film, but after watching the first scene and made ​​a great play Tom Cruise in the role of "Lestat" not only agreed but also helped in making the film.)
The vampire community is always out of stock at the border, but it can be in the kingdom.Voltaire, the word vampire, real vampire community to be used as an adjective - not without reason that vampire literature, usually from the royal family are.
An integral element of the vampire, blood. Vampire sucks the blood of his victims and that this method of reproduction, a paradox born for death, arguing for traditional and symbolic of the blood as the life force is used.But there is another aspect of sucking blood: the vampire act not only violates the Biblical command (according to the ancient Scriptures, drinking blood is forbidden), but the evangelical tradition, for example, by drinking the blood of their uses turned into an "undead" and eternal life will be what Christ intended the Bible to be waking up again flesh and everlasting life. Thus, the vampire is shown as being born in hell and because of his opposition to war, acts of God, he will be like a cross or holy water. Especially in Stoker's novel, Dracula is a rebel against God.
In the novel, Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing he repeated: "Do not worry, Miss Mina, Dracula is dead forever!" And what was wrong! Kenneth Namrdny against your pursuer stood and said: "I think you've driven, but I'm so over it.My revenge has just begun. I'll divide it among the many centuries and will work well in my favor. "


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