Tuesday, October 2, 2012


10 Most Common Superstitions

Do you guys believe in superstitions? It is defined as an event that might lead to another event without any linkages between the two events whatsoever. There are many people who believe in them very religiously and then there are some, like me, who really don’t care. That’s not the point though, this list aims and educating you with ten most common superstitions that prevail around this world. I am very sure that most of you know all the superstitions I am about to mention, but it is still worth a read. Enjoy!


Gargoyles are a major part of gothic architectures. The gargoyles were present on the churches all around, which is why they were considered a symbol of protection that would fend off evil. People believed that these gargoyles would come to life in the dead of the night and perform their roles as protectors and when the sunlight came they would settle down on the very same spot. That is an interesting concept, but it can easily be proven wrong. Bottom-line is that gargoyles mean protection.


Opening an Umbrella Indoors - Ten Most Common Superstitions
So what exactly is the point of opening an umbrella indoors? See, it is made to save you from getting wet, or getting too much of direct sunlight, neither of which are present indoors which is why it is pointless to open an umbrella indoors. In other words, it is wrong. What happens when you do something wrong? Something bad happens. Therefore, before you open an umbrella indoors, think about that fact (superstition) that it is bound to bring you bad luck. It is something you are NOT supposed to do.


Evil Eye - Ten Most Common Superstitions
This is a very common phenomenon all over the world although of course it is called different names. It involves a wicked glare and that could be because of jealousy or envy etc. One who gets the evil eye, will be subject to physical and spiritual harm and may as well result in death. This is by far the most sensible sounding superstition to me. Of course if someone looks at something you have with jealousy and envy, it is bound to bring you bad luck. It is only logical.


Rabbit's Foot - Ten Most Common Superstitions
If you carry a rabbit’s foot in your pocket, it will bring you luck. Most people would just hang them in the car. This particular superstition dates back to around 500 BC. In those times, rabbits would keep the land fertile (I’m sure you know how) and that would bring a good yield of the crop. The rabbits have been considered lucky since. People believe that since the hind legs of rabbit touch the ground first, the foot must be some sort of a powerful charm and therefore the rabbit’s foot.


Salt - Ten Most Common Superstitions
You must have seen this one happening in a lot of different movies. If you spill the salt, you will face bad luck. The probable reason behind why spilling it is considered bad was because it used to be a very expensive commodity and so it stop people from spilling it, this superstition was created. If you spill salt, and want to get rid of the bad luck it brings, you take some of that salt and throw it over your left shoulder and problem solved. Ironic it is that wasting an expensive commodity will bring you bad luck and wasting it even more will get rid of that bad luck.


Black Cats - Ten Most Common Superstitions
Many years ago, cats were feared for some reason. People thought them to be dark and evil creatures. Then in Egypt, the goddess Bast was worshipped. It was a black female cat. Soon thereafter, these cats were branded unlucky and the old women who adored them, witches. The belief is that if a black cat cuts your path, it will bring you bad luck. Another belief suggests that if a black cat walks towards you, it will bring good luck, however, if it walks away from you, it will take the good luck with it.


Walking Under a Ladder - Ten Most Common Superstitions
The ladder, the plain surface and the spot at which the ladder leads forms a triangle. In early times, Christians believed this to be the Holy Trinity. If you walked passed it, you would be branded as the devil. So remember this, walk from under a ladder and you will face bad luck. If you want to undo that however, you can walk backwards under the ladder and make a wish. If you believe in superstitions, you better just believe this one too.


Bad Luck for Seven Years - Ten Most Common Superstitions
Reflections in the mirror were considered to be a glimpse into a man’s soul. If that image is disturbed it is said that it will bring you bad luck. So if you are viewing your reflection in still water and the ripples disrupt your image, you will be facing bad luck soon. Same is the case with a broken mirror. Break a mirror while looking at yourself in it and you will bring about seven years of bad luck. Now I cannot say for certain if it is true, because I haven’t ever broken a mirror while looking into it. Have you guys had any such experiences?


Knock on Wood - Ten Most Common Superstitions
This habit comes from the Romans and is intended to keep the devils in the wood. If you say something good about someone or yourself, you immediately have to knock the wood twice just so the devil will not take away the good. There are a million other theories about this particular superstition. The thing is that I never knocked on wood and nothing bad ever came out of it. True, many things that I thought or talked about didn’t happen so do you think I should try the knocking thing from now on?


Friday the Thirteenth - Ten Most Common Superstitions
The number thirteen and the day Friday together are bad luck. Friday the thirteenth have proven unlucky for many and countless occasions and it is the most commons superstition which is the reason why it has a movie based on it. Judas was the thirteenth guest on the last supper. A long time ago Jacques DeMolay, the King of Knights was executed on this day and date. It is also considered unlucky for men. Long ago the calendar was thirteen months because of the thirteen phases of the moon. But it was changed to twelve, what didn’t change was the thirteen cycles of women. There are many theories regarding the date. Do you have any 13th Friday story?


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