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10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

I am sure everybody around here loves to eat. But do you love to eat fancy? If so, how fancy can you possibly get? This particular list talks of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Your everyday expensive restaurants are not even cute compared to these. I don’t exactly understand what it is about the food they cook that makes it so expensive. For most of the restaurants it is just the environment and ambience they offer. They charge you for sitting at their restaurant, not for eating their food per say so high-priced meals are a nice cover up. Nonetheless, I am sure you will have an amazing time in these places. Bon Appetit.


At number ten we have a restaurant from Chicago in United States. The restaurant started the services on the 4th May in year 2005. The owner of the place is Grant Achatz and he is also the head chef of the place. There are only two restaurants in Chicago to have received a rating of three stars from Michelin Guide; it is the highest rating, and Alilnea is one of those restaurants. It was reviewed by the critic Sam Sifton in the New York Times. The name of the restaurant comes from the symbol of the same name.


Varvar - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
The restaurant was the idea of Chef Anatoly Komm. He always loved cooking and before he went on into this business, he was forty years old. He is a qualified geophysicist. He opened Versace and Ferre boutiques in Moscow. This particular restaurant of his is a complete hit in Moscow. If you are looking for good food, there is no place better but it comes at a cost. A good meal will cost you around $270 excluding the wine or any other drinks for that matter. You know how wine is, it can practically double or even triple the total check so do that math.


The Fat Duck - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
This particular restaurant is the highest rated restaurant in Britain and of course that makes it the most expensive in Britain as well. The head chef around this place is Heston Blumenthal and his dishes are unique. The best part about this guy is that he learned everything all by himself. If you are looking for some good food and complete meals, expect to pay around $300 and that too without any wine. That will cost you extra, so your total check could very well exceed $700 easy.


Mezzaluna - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
You will be able to find this restaurant atop the tallest building in Bangkok and it overlooks the Chao Praya River. Japanese Mackerel in Peppery Tomato Broth, Sweet-Tasting Rhone Lamb, Soulard Duck with Double-Fungus and Lobster with Beets, Pickled Onion and Salad Greens are the signature dishes at this place. You should know that if you are extremely hungry, you will really not be able to eat your fill and I am sure you can guess why that is. So either eat a little before you leave home for this place, or just keep ordering.


The French Laundry - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
If you are looking for a table at this place you are going to have to wait for a very long time. The reservations are made two months in advance, so if you plan to go their today, it is not going to happen until at least two months. The average check you get for eating at this place is a whopping $957. Usually however, it will cost $270 per person. Also, you should know that this place has a dress code and a very strict one at that so if you are not wearing the proper clothes, you can say goodbye to your table.


Solo per Due - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
This is the smallest restaurant in the country and it is the most expensive restaurant of the country too. It will cost you around $300 for regional cooking. It offers local sheep’s cheese, Abruzzo sausage, wild mushrooms and berries; a meat, fish or vegetable entrée and homemade bread. All of this is complimented with delicious wines from the cellar. You can have yourself entertained by a private firework display as well; that’s something new.


Alain Ducasse - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
This is a very old-school building, full of lights and amazing architecture. What do you expect from the most romantic city in the world? This place will literally empty you for starters, you are going to have to pay around $250 for the starter that is langoustines with caviar. The usual check per head is about $500 and this price does not include any wine and they have around 35,000 bottles of wine in the cellar.


The chef Masa Takayama came to the Big Apple with the idea of this particular restaurant. According to the New York Magazine ‘a meal of the highest quality is worth almost any price’. Now, I do not really agree with that, but most people do which is why they are happy to pay around $400 per person to eat in this place. You should know that the per head cost mentioned above does not include tax, tip or sake.


Ithaa - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
This is the best in the world when it comes to underwater restaurants. It has been constructed around five meters below the sea level and it will over you such amazing views of the aqua life as you enjoy your food. It cost around $5 million to build. The interesting bit is that the restaurant only has fourteen seats. The menu at this place will cost you around $300 per person but people pay if happily for the offered Western cuisine and rich seafood. Now this is one place I would love to go to.


Aragawa - Ten Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
I am not a very big fan of Japanese food but that does not change the facts. Aragawa, located in Tokyo is the most expensive restaurant in the world. The restaurant only serves one entrée; steak. That particular steak can and will cost you around $600 per person. For the past three years, this place has been the most expensive restaurant. To be quite honest, I would not go this place even if I had that kind of money for one simple reason – I do not like Japanese food.


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