10 Weird and Strange Syndromes

When we get ill, majority of us think this is the worst illness we’re going through RIGHT? I used to think this way too before finding about many of the weird syndromes that have to live with throughout their lives. And the sad part is that most of the syndromes have NO CURE AT ALL!

Is everything made of numbers?

when Albert Einstein finally completed his general theory of relativity in 1916, he looked down at the equations and discovered an unexpected message: the universe is expanding.

10 Ways to Lose Calories without Exercising

Infomercials bombard us every day with techniques to lose weight fast . But many of us actually shun the idea of losing weight without much effort. However there are ways of losing weight without being a total gym bunny. All you have to do is make a few changes in your lifestyle.

Top 10 Creepy Girls in Fiction

A recent trend in media is the idea that children are scary or creepy. Girls seem to be particularly popular – from pale-faced, stringy-haired ghosts to demonically possessed victims, creepy girls are becoming a common feature in horror films and other genres. This list covers ten creepy girls who have appeared in films, TV and video games in the past thirty or so years, to frighten or fascinate audiences. Most can be terrifying but have a sense of sympathy to them, or some are just unstoppable creatures of evil wanting to rip the world apart.

10 Tragic Prison and Asylum Fires

While fire is something that has proven to be something very useful to mankind over the years being one of the greatest discoveries, it is potentially a hazard. It’s like a caged demon waiting to be set free so it can render everything to dust and ashes. There have been many dangerous fires throughout our history and has taken many lives but that’s just because of carelessness and well, nature did have a role in forest fires too. Anyway, this list talks about cruel fires in different prisons and asylums throughout the world. Tragic as it may sound, it still holds true. I hope this particular list proves useful and educative to you folks.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

15 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

If you are a bride-to-be, you are probably thinking about splurging on the most expensive dresses for your wedding and trousseau. But the most expensive wedding gown in the world can cost several millions. Take the case of the diamond wedding gown that’s priced at $12 million. Only the obscenely wealthy bride can afford something like that. But you can always check out the most expensive dresses for brides and take inspiration for your own wedding look. We bring out 15 of the most expensive wedding dresses that the world has ever seen.

1. The Diamond Wedding Gown

Price: $12 million
Ranking first among the most expensive wedding dresses in the world is this diamond encrusted wedding gown. Laced with 150 carats of diamonds, this $12 million wedding gown is among the most expensive dresses in the world. Slip into this gorgeous dress and you are sure to feel like a princess. However, the diamond wedding gown was not created for a bride-to-be. It was painstakingly put together for a 2006 Bridal Show held in The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey near Rodeo Drive. Bridal couture designer Renee Strauss teamed up with Martin Katz Jewelers to create this magnificent wedding gown. In our books, this is one of the best wedding dresses ever made.
diamond wedding gown 15 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

2. Yumi Katsura White Gold Diamond Dress

Price: $8.5 million
Japanese designer Yumi Katsura is an institution. She has been one of the leading lights of the international bridal fashion industry. Often referred to as the “Missionary of Bridal”, this Japan-based bridal designer has dressed over 650,000 brides. But few could have afforded the designer’s most expensive creation – a white gold wedding dress with a diamond centerpiece and pearl detailing. Using the ingredients of jewelry, Katsura fashioned one of the most expensive wedding gowns ever. Over 1,000 pearls and a 5-carat white gold diamond adorn this expensive wedding dress pushing its price to a handsome $8.5 million.
yumi katsura wedding dress 15 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 10 Unusual Guinness World Records

10. Heaviest pumpkin

Guinness World Records confirmed on October 09, 2010 that a gigantic pumpkin grown in Wisconsin was officially the world’s heaviest. It weighed 1,810 lb 8 oz and was unveiled by Chris Stevens at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Minnesota. Stevens’ pumpkin was 85 pounds heavier than the previous record, another huge pumpkin grown in Ohio. The proud farmer said his secret is a precise mixture of rain, cow manure, good soil, seaweed and fish emulsion. Some of the world’s heaviest pumpkins, including the record-holder were on public display at the Bronx Botanical Gardens in New York for several weeks.

9. Most T-shirts worn at once

Most T Shirts
Believe it or not, there is a record also for this category. Krunoslav Budiseli? set a new world record on May 22, 2010 for wearing 245 T-shirts at the same time. The man from Croatia was officially recognized as the new record holder by Guinness World of Records after he managed to put on 245 different T-shirts in less than two hours. The T-shirts weighted 68 kg and Budiseli? said he began struggling around T-shirt no. 120. He dethroned the Swedish Guinness record holder who wore 238 T-shirts.

8. Most living generations

Most Living Generations
Did you ever wonder what is the Guinness World Record for most living generations in one family? Seven is the answer.
The ultimate authority on record- breaking mentions on the website that the youngest great-great-great-great-grandparent of this family was Augusta Bung “aged 109 years 97 days, followed by her daughter aged 89, her grand-daughter aged 70, her great-grand-daughter aged 52, her great-great grand-daughter aged 33 and her great-great-great grand-daughter aged 15 on the birth of her great-great-great-great grandson on 21 January 1989.”

7. Longest ears on a dog

Longest Dog Ears
A bloodhound from Illinois has the longest ears ever measured on a dog. The right ear is 13.75 in long and the left one 13.5 in. The dog named Tigger earned this title in 2004 and is owned by Christina and Bryan Flessner.
Mr. Jeffries is the previous record holder of this title. Each of his ear measured approximately 11.5 in long. His grandfather used to hold this amazing world record, but when he died Mr. Jeffries took over.

6. Largest horn circumference – steer

largest horn circumference
Lurch was the record holder of the world’s largest horn circumference, 37.5 in. He was an African Watusi steer born October 11, 1995 on a ranch in Missouri. Janice Wolf adopted Lurch when he was only 5 weeks old. Unfortunately, the steer died last year of cancer. A form of cancer at the base of one of Lurch’s horns ended the 15 years long beautiful friendship between him and Janice

5. Most body piercings in one session

Most Body Piercings in One Session
In May 2010, Chris Elliot and Tyson Turk (USA) set the world record for most body piercings in one session: 3100 in 6 hours and 15 minutes. It all happened at the Tyson Turk Tattoo Studio, Bedford, Texas. Chris and Tyson shattered the previous record of 1015 piercings in 7 hours and 55 minutes set by British Kam Ma and Charlie Wilson.

4. Most people inside a soap bubble

most people inside a soap bubble
The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California celebrated this year the 15th anniversary of the BubbleFest. A bubble’s math principles and science were presented and demonstrated at the three-weeks long exhibition. The intriguing Bubble Show was also part of the program. Fan Yang and Deni Yang impressed the audience with their awesome skills for bubble making. The Yang family collaborated with the Discovery Science Center to set a new Guinness World Record for most people inside a soap bubble and they succeeded.
The family that has been working with soap bubbles for 27 years created a huge soap bubble and got 118 people inside it. The record was set on April 4, 2011.

3. Fastest individual 1 mile run wearing swim fins

fastest individual 1 mile run wearing swim fins
American Ashrita Furman, nicknamed Mr. Versatility, is no stranger to Guinness World of Records. He set more than 340 official Guinness records since 1979 and currently holds 113, including the record for fastest mile run in swim fins: 7 min 56 sec. Ashrita achieved this record in 2010 at the Marswiese Sportzentrum in Vienna, Austria.
Ashrita Furman has set records in more than 35 different countries, on all seven continents. Marco Frigatti, head of the global records management team for GWR, declared that Ashrita won “the official record for The most current Guinness world records held at the same time by an individual.

2. Fastest 100m running on all fours

Fastest 100m running on all fours
The 2008 Guinness World Records Day was, according to GWR,  their biggest day of record-breaking ever, with more than 290000 people taking part in record attempts in 15 different countries. Kenichi Ito’s record attempt was part of this special day. He is just another example of Japanese with ‘super powers’. His ‘super power’ is to run with great speed on all fours. Kenichi Ito run 100m on all fours in 18.58 seconds. The Japanese set this record at Setagaya Kuritsu Sogo Undojyo, Tokyo, in 2008.

1. Heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets

Heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets
Believe it or not, the heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets is 907 pounds (411.65 kilograms). This extreme record was set by Chayne Hultgren, also known as The Space Cowboy. The Australian achieved the record  in Milano on the set of “Lo Show Dei Record” in 2009.
Space Cowboy has won the Street Performance World Championship twice, in 2006 and 2007. One of the many acts that brought him large media coverage is when he swallowed 27 swords decorated with the flags of all European Union’s members. The record was set on the day when Ireland rejected the Lisbon Treaty on European Union reform.

Source: toptenz.net

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Freefall into record books as skydiver breaks sound barrier

Felix Baumgartner had leapt off skyscrapers and done several risky jumps in his career – but never quite as high or as daring as his challenge over New Mexico.

As he stood perched on a ledge 39 kilometres above the Earth, the 43-year-old Austrian was about to dive into the abyss – and the world’s record books.

With one simple leap he was soon to become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier. Early estimations suggest he pierced the Earth’s atmosphere at 1,342.8 kilometres an hour.

There was alarm at mission control when Baumgartner was seen turning over and over and seemed to be in trouble.

But he managed to right himself – and there was relief when, after four minutes and 20 seconds of freefall, his parachute opened.

From then on it was plain sailing over the New Mexico landscape.

Just over nine minutes after jumping out of his capsule, the adventurer landed smoothly.

Baumgartner’s feat awaits official confirmation, but he is thought to have broken three world records: the highest altitude skydive, the highest freefall, and the fastest skydive fall.

Within minutes he was greeted ecstatically by his parents and a delighted girlfriend.

Source: euronews.com