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10 Most Amazing Monuments in the World

Ushiku DaibutsuJapan

Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan
Highest monument in the world are in UshikuJapanCompleted in 1995Having a 120m high from the groundincluding the 10m and 10m from the high court was tall lotus on the memorial. Inside the monument has provided a lift for visitors who can take visitors up to a height of 85m, where there is alot more to see the sights around from above.

Bayhan, Afghanistan
Buddha of bayhan is shaped Buddhist monument statue made ​​in Afghanistan clifflocated about 230kmfrom the North of Kabulhas a height of about 55meterBut unfortunately this monument was destroyed by the Taliban organization in 2001Can be seen in the photo below, that most of the statue's face was finally brokenLater in the mission to rebuild the damaged section, several countriesand organizations participated. Among themJapanSwitzerlandUNESCO and other countries.

Lanshan, China
The monument is made ​​in the cliff is housed in lanshanchinaHaving a height of about 71m from thegroundBeing one of the famous tourist places in the region. Every day thousands of tourists come to the area, both local and visitors from abroad.

Motherland, Kiev, Ukraine
Statue of the Motherland monument kiev is made ​​in memory of World War 2 that also called the Great Patriotic War. Has a 62m high statuebut overall has a height of 102m.

Liberty IslandNew York
Liberty Island, New York
The monument was donated by France to the U.S. in 1886stood between Liberty IslandNew Yorknear the portThe monument is open to all visitors.

Guanyin, Sanya, China
The monument is located in the small province Hai NanChinaPrecisely at Yalong Wan park locatedabout 7.5 km from Sanya city beach108m tall statue was completed in May 2005 and became one ofthe world's tallest monument.

Rio de JaneiroBrazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This statue is a great work for the people of Rio de JanieroBrazilMonument figure of Jesus Christ has a 32m high and weighs 1000tonSet atop the Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca has a 710M high ForestNational ParkFrom the top of the mountain, the entire city can be seen.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
National monument or often referred to as the Monas is located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia. With a height of 137mthe monument became a symbol of the resurrection of Indonesia was created in 1961by President Soekarno, but not completed until 1975 by SoehartoThe culmination of this monumentflame shaped and made of 14.5 tons of silver-coated gold weighing 35kgVisitors can browse the cityfrom above with a lift on the monument.

Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia
Statue of Peter I has become the world's tallest sculpture.

Huangdi and Yandi, China
Huangdi and Yandi, China
Monument Huangdi and Yandi yellow king is in china, with high-103M.

Volgograd, Russia
The statue, also called "Motherland" is, completed in 1967Made of 7900 tonnes of cement by NikolaiNikitinOverall height including the sword is 169m.

Interesting is not the work of these artistsEiffel tower's still therebut according to expertsit is not included because no monument sculpture made ​​of materials rather than steel.


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